Sihing Justin O’Brien

Justin Washu O’Brien is a Fitness Consultant, Life Coach, and Assistant Instructor of Shaolin Wing Chun and Lohan Candidate  under the guidance of his Sifu, Master Chango Noaks.

He started his Martial Arts career in 2011 with a random walk-in to see Master Noaks, and his life has never been the same. In the short time since Justin has trained in Combat/Self Defense, Tai Chi/Qigong, Wushu/Weapons, and has competed in the local tournament circuit.

Justin had the honor of being the Student Spotlight in August 2012, as well as receiving a Medal of Recognition at the Meng’s Martial Arts 25th Anniversary Banquet for his dedication to the Black Sash Program.

In 2014, Justin joined the Lohan Certification Program at the Ving Tsun Museum. Was a judge at the First Annual Meng’s of Cincinnati Wing Chun Classic,  Also in 2014 he attended Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors Expo, and assisted in Grand Master Benny Meng’s Wing Chun seminar.

In 2015, He  has started assisting in classes at the Ving Tsun Museum in Dayton, OH. as well as judged Forms and Chi Sau competitions at the Second Annual Meng’s of Cincinnati Wing Chun Classic.

So far in 2016, Justin has been a line judge and was center referee at the 41st Battle of Columbus.

Check out his website Kung-Fu with for more.


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