Sihing Adetokunbo Adeshile

Hi there!
My name is Adetokunbo (no accents, it’s read just like it is written). I am originally from Philadelphia – feel free to ask me about where my name comes from.  Spiritual, business minded, teaching oriented & working for social change; I live the life of an educator & martial artist. Everyday I challenge myself to improve my life through study & training.

In my professional capacity I am the Bonner Scholars Program Coordinator at Earlham College & a Shaolin Kung Fu Assistant Instructor. Functionally, that means I get to lead approximately 60 amazing students through a highly intensive 4-year community service & leadership development model at Earlham. As an  assistant instructor at Meng’s of Richmond’s Kwoon I am charged with leading combat/self defense, children’s classes, sparring/competition, Wushu, & Tai-Chi. My vocation allows exploration of what I care about most: growth in myself, & others as well as community – lovely.

I was a student at Earlham College when I started my formal martial arts training in 2007 with Master Chango Noaks. After speaking with Master Noaks I realized that I had found a gem. I had found a place that was not focused on “style” but on a system of learning that allowed you to contend in all ranges of combat seamlessly. As I learned more, it provided not to be a patchwork of skills but a logical, scientific, and systematic process. Let’s say, I was hooked. Upon graduation I decided to remain in the community. I wanted to serve the community and use my training to prepare me to take on even greater challenges. Several years later, more knowledge and less hair, here I am.

I would direct anyone to this place of learning who is interested in learning how to protect themselves in an effective, efficient, and logical matter. And yes, that may seem biased, but try it for yourself and you will see what I mean.

If you ever need help be it “I want to come in, or learn more” about martial arts, let me know.

And if you’re interested in how martial artist can serve the community, I can definitely help with that.



We have a very unique method that gives permanent and effective results in creating more focused, disciplined and balanced individuals. We want everyone to experience the difference in our training versus that of any other school, which is why we offer a two week free trial for you to experience the difference!!!

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