Sihing Ian Niswonger

Ian Niswonger is presently an Assistant Instructor and Lohan Candidate under the guidance of his Sifu, Master Chango Noaks, Sr. at Meng’s Martial Arts of Richmond. Along with instructing, Ian is also the Founder & CEO of Meihua Technologies, a local IT managed services company. When not instructing classes or tinkering with computers, he enjoys the benefits of being a Traveling Man ∴, traveling from East to West and from West to East.





Ian's martial arts journey started with Tae Kwon Do when he was ten years old in Englewood, Ohio under Master Jin Chung. Under Master Chung, Ian competed in the I.K. Kim Ja Be Ryu Championship in 2002 and 2003 where martial arts forever become a part of his life. After Master Jin Chung left Englewood, Ian continued to practice what he had learned on his own and developed a deep respect for all martial arts.


In 2014, Ian decided to revisit his childhood passion and begin learning martial arts once again. He decided to devote himself to the arts and become someone who would one day teach others. After an exceptional amount of research, Ian found Meng's Martial Arts of Richmond, where after only a single visit, Ian was both amazed and thrilled by the amount of knowledge and wisdom that the Meng's Organization had to offer.


Since joining Meng's of Richmond, Ian has been able to overcome many limitations in life and achieve new heights as a martial artist, and as a man. In the first year of his training, Ian competed at the Battle of Columbus World Martial Arts Games in full contact continuous sparring and was invited to join the Leadership Program. After joining the Leadership program, Ian delved deeper into the art and culture of Shaolin Wing Chun Kung Fu, while also learning to be an example to his classmates. In his second year of training, Ian was invited into and joined the Blacksash Program, where he began learning to let go of his sense of self. Ian is now on the next stretch of his journey. As a Lohan Candidate, he is responsible for learning the system, and passing the knowledge of the system on to the next generation.



As of today, with the guidance of his Sifu Master Chango Noaks Sr., and help from his Kung Fu Family, Ian has had many life-changing experiences including, but not limited to, the opportunity of competing in numerous events, the chance to train with the Southern Shaolin Monk National Demonstration Team, traveling to Foshan, China and Hong Kong, and the ability to upgrade his life in ways beyond what he ever thought possible.




Today, Ian continues to train, dedicated to the art of Shaolin Wing Chun, to the Kwoon, and to his Kung Fu Family as he continues to shape minds, bodies, and spirits into those of a warrior's.



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