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Sifu Scott Stapleton (Lohan Diciple)

Sifu Scott Stapleton (Lohan Diciple) photo Sifu Scott Stapleton (Lohan Diciple)
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Sifu Scott Stapleton first became interested in martial arts as a child because of influences like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Kung Fu Theater. His first personal exposure came from a friend of the family who had learned his Kung Fu while in the military Mr. Stapleton’s exposure to Kung Fu with these initial lessons left him with a lifelong hunger to seek out more training and experience with martial arts. Many years after this initial introduction, Mr. Stapleton had another encounter with Kung Fu through a neighbor. However, circumstances forced that teacher to close his school left Mr. Stapleton with a further desire for more martial arts experience. The same neighbor talked about an earlier encounter with a martial artist while living in Dayton who happened to be Master Chango Noaks.

Once Mr. Stapleton was connected with Master Noaks he was thus exposed to the wide universe that is Meng’s Martial Arts. Master Noaks encouraged Mr. Stapleton to attend a workshop featuring Gong Sau and Wing Chun Masters. This initial experience with Meng’s Martial Arts inspired him to pursue further training and interest in the art of Wing Chun. The following year he found himself attending the 1st Annual International Ving Tsun Museum (VTM) workshop and then after that the Grand Opening of the VTM with the 2nd Annual International Workshop. These experiences rekindled and reinforced his martial arts interest especially that of Wing Chun. His study of Kung Fu through Master Noaks and the VTM has been a world class journey of discovery. After becoming an official student of Master Noaks initially in Eaton, Oh and then later in Richmond, IN, Mr. Stapleton has had the fortune of training in many of the workshops that have come to the VTM over the years such as in Chi Sim Weng Chun, Hung Fa Yi and Hek Ki Boen Wing Chun. After many any years of training Mr. Stapleton began is Lohan instructor training in Dec 2013 under Grand Master Benny Meng and his Sifu Master Chango Noaks. To join this program is a very high honor and privilege because as a student you get the opportunity to train directly with your Sifu learning directly from Grand Master Meng.  
In August 2015 Sifu Scott Stapleton competed in full contact San Shuo competition at the Wu-Tang Classic which was held in Akron Ohio. Mr. Stapleton won Gold in the heavy weight division. Sifu Scott Stapleton fulfilled a dream come true by traveling to China and to the world famous Southern Shaolin Temple where Wing Chun was created. During Sifu Scott Stapleton travel to China he visited the cities of Fuzhou, Putian, Guilin, Southern Shaolin Temple in Foshan China then to Hong Kong with Grand Master Benny Meng on a historical travel of Wing Chun history. We were granted access inside the Southern Shaolin Temple and seen the beauty of the temple up close. Once we traveled to Hong Kong we visited the Ving Tsun Athletic Association (VTAA) which is the Wing Chun association built by Ip Man and his students in Hong Kong August of 1967. Sifu Scott Stapleton had the pleasure of training with most of the Sifu that came the day of our friendship exchanged. This is the very school where Bruce Lee trained Wing Chun under Ip Man.
In July 29-31 of 2016 Sifu Scott Stapleton was fortunate enough to compete at the age of 47 in the 2016 U.S. International Kuo Shu Championship Tournament in the adult advance Chi Sau heavy weight division. Sifu Scott Stapleton was able to pull out a Gold medal win after three grueling rounds against another individual that place high in the Biu Gee advances forms division and also in the Muk Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy) division.
In December of 2016 Sifu Scott Stapleton was awarded at the 30th Anniversary of Meng’s Martial Arts of Huber Heights HQ the assistant Instructor of the year award from Meng’s Martial Arts of Richmond Indiana Master Chango Noaks. Master Noaks commented on Sifu Scott Stapleton true passion to elevate each student in the classes he is teaching.
In March of 2017 Sifu Scott Stapleton received his Baat Jaam Dao International Weapons Certification from Grand Master Benny Meng. The intensive training that started in April the previous year was the most comprehensive Wing Chun weapons information from Master Meng complete study all the information to date. The study of all eight section of empty hand and knife forms plus actual live combat verses the Pole, sword and knife was amazing to say the least. I’ll be forever grateful to be a part of this first group of unbelievable talented individual to go through this process. This changed my life forever, I’m so very humbled to represent and be one of these pioneers of the Baat Jaam Dao training certification process of the Shaolin Wing Chun Lohan Instructors group.

Today, Sifu Scott Stapleton, in addition to working in property management as a Facility Supervisor over many Maintenance Technicians in Indianapolis area. Sifu Scott Stapleton is also an Instructor at Meng’s Martial Arts Richmond. Sifu Scott Stapleton is one of the Instructors from the Lohan Program of Richmond and continues his training under the guidance of Sifu (Father) Master Chango Noaks and Grand Master Benny Meng his Sigung (Grand Father) in martial arts. Sifu Scott Stapleton is part of a group of Instructors working to make a difference in the Richmond Indiana area by sharing their knowledge and experience of Meng’s Martial Arts to build a strong happy community through the wisdom of Shaolin Wing Chun. In 2018 Sifu Scott Stapleton will be opening his own Meng’s Martial Arts of Greenfield to carry on the martial arts traditions that has been passed down to him in over the 20 plus years of training to build a strong and happy community through the wisdom of Shaolin Wing Chun.

Sifu Stapleton currently owns and operates Meng's Martial Arts of Greenfield.



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