Covid 19 Procedures & Updates

Please understand that we cannot make any exceptions on these guidelines. These guidelines are aligned with local government guidelines as well as standards set by the Kwoon's insurance company.
Those who have boxing gloves please bring them to class. Only those who have boxing gloves will be permitted to make contact with bags and mits!


• Instructors will use a non-touch thermometer to check students' body temperature before class.
• Students will, as usual, take their shoes to the changing room.
• We ask that all students arrive in complete uniform.
• While in phase yellow the Kwoon restroom will be closed.
• Until further notice, we will NOT have parents in the main training floor to observe classes.
• For the safety of everyone, we ask parents to come back to pick up their student at the end of class, or remain in the car during class.
ALL students and parents will be required to wear a mask when in the facility.
• Students will be provided with hand sanitizer at the entrance, where they will apply before entering the training floor.
• Students will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer after class.

Class Format

• Students will be lined up six feet apart. Training floors will have visual guides for lining up.
• During (what we will call) Phase Yellow, classes will be focusing on individual exercise and drills. The curriculum is a complete system and therefore, there is plenty for students to work on and practice.
• During (what we will call) Phase Green, we will transition to partner drills and resume with regular class activities.
• When classes officially start (Monday, June 8th), we will resume our normal class schedule, however class times will be shortened by 10 minutes to allow students and instructors to have a smooth and safe transition as students come in and out of the Kwoon.
• As a martial art school one of the most important skills we teach our students is life skills. To encourage students to develop good life skills and build positive habits we will work together to keep the school clean and ensure that it is a safe environment for everyone.
• Students will be designated to help with after-class cleaning procedures.
• Senior students of the last class will be assigned to mop the floor every night we have classes.


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