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Master Chango Noaks Sr.

Master Chango Noaks Sr. photo Master Chango Noaks Sr.

Master Chango Noaks Sr. has achieved Master level status and is the Dai Sihing of the in the Shaolin Hung Lung Sin Fu Faat Mun Pai (Empty Dragon Compassionate Tiger System) under the guidance of his Sifu, Grand Master Benny Meng. Master Noaks is also recognized as a 7th level Senior Instructor of Ip Man Wing Chun certified by the Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong, having participated in the VTAA Senior Instructor Certification Program hosted at the VTM in October 1998. Moy Yat International also recognized him as a First Degree Instructor in 2000. Through VTM sponsorship and workshops, in May of 2003 Master Noaks completed the Instructor Course in the Chi Sim Weng Chun Kung Fu system under the direct guidance of Grand Master Andreas Hoffman. Master Noaks, under Grand Master Benny Meng is a 10th generation disciple in the Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun lineage, has also participated in the instructor program of the Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun system. He is currently a certified instructor in the Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun (Black Flag) system. This makes him one of the most experienced Wing Chun instructors in the world.

Master Noaks began his journey in Chinese Kung Fu at the age of five. His first teacher was his father David Noaks II., an Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) expert in the US Navy during the Vietnam War. During his time in the Far East, David Noaks was exposed to Chinese martial arts. Being already well-versed in western boxing and wrestling, David immediately recognized the value of Chinese martial arts thus dedicated his life to learning as much as he could. He had a high aptitude for martial arts and taught his sons “how to take care of themselves”. In doing so, David introduced them to various elements of western boxing, combative wrestling, and Chinese Kung Fu.

Like his father, Master Noaks had a high aptitude for martial arts and sought further training through other instructors, eventually progressing through short stints in various Ju-Jitsu, Karate, Judo, Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu schools. Each training experience left him unfulfilled. Master Noaks proceeded to train on his own with his brothers, fearing that he might never find and study under a true master. His brother, Aragon Noaks, made the introduction to Grand Master Benny Meng. Master Noaks recognized Grand Master Meng’s skill and knowledge and became his student, training under Grand Master Meng for more than 25 years. Master Noaks is one of only two students to have trained in every program offered at Meng’s Martial Arts.

Grand Master Meng not only furthered Master Noaks’ Kung Fu knowledge and training, but has also been a mentor. Grand Master Meng has been instrumental in Master Noaks’ personal character development. It was in the natural order of things that Master Chango Noaks would make a commitment to become one of Grand Master Meng’s disciples and with that honor assume the responsibility of passing on his entire knowledge of martial arts.

Master Noaks has over 35 years of experience and training in the martial arts and has ventured into many aspects of the arts. He has performed artistic expression and demonstrations of Kung Fu and Wushu on national television in China and for Coach Wu Bin, Jet Li’s former teacher. He is a large man and often amazes the crowd with his speed, agility and flexibility. In China, the small children would often call him, “flying black Buddha.”

In the area of sports competition history, Master Noaks has placed 1st and 2nd in Local, Regional, National and International competitions. He competed in forms competition, point sparring, continuous sparring, and full-contact sparring. In 1998, Master Noaks placed 1st in full contact Chi Sau competition at the 2nd Pan American Traditional Kung Fu Championship in Toronto, Canada.

Master Noaks is now the only active Wushu/Traditional Shaolin teacher taught under Master Meng. He has had the pleasure of training with the United States Wushu Coach, Omei Kung Fu Master Xao Ling Lu and with a troop of Northern Shaolin Warrior Monks. During his martial arts journey, under Grand Master Meng’s watchful eye, he has had training experience with almost all of the famous students of Ip Man living today. Master Noaks has had first-hand, very personal experience with the late Grand Master Moy Yat. He also has had guidance and instruction from other famous Wing Chun Grand Masters such as Chu Shung Tin, Ip Ching and Ip Chun (the blood sons of the late Grand Master Ip Man), Moy Bing Wah, William Cheung and Hawkins Cheung.

While on a trip to the Far East, in Hong Kong, Master Noaks enjoyed the extreme honor and privilege of having a private lesson with Grand Master Meng’s very first Wing Chun teacher, Sifu Lee Hoi Sung. This session was photographed and was featured in a nationally circulated publication, “Marital Arts Legends,” in December of 2000. Sifu Lee Hoi Sung is also known as a movie star in the Far East with great martial arts skills.

In October of 2013, Master Noaks was one of the first 5 masters to be certified by the Shaolin Temple at the Shaolin Cultural Center in Lios Angeles, Californa. During this historical event Shi Yongxin, the Abbot of the Shaolin temple, visited the cultural center.

In June 2014, Master Noaks was part of the first gourp of Master so return the Shaolin treasure of Shaolin Wing Chun back to the northern Shaolin temple He did not visit the temple but to train and exchange with the famous Shaolin monks in the common areas as well in the monks’ living space!

Master Noaks has had the outstanding honour of being inducted into the Ving Tsun Museum hall of fame. In July of 2019. Where a 3ft statue in his likeness is on display in the Ving Tsun museum.

Through the years, he has developed greater insight through living the Kung Fu life and embracing its philosophy. His journey continues as a warrior and scholar of Shaolin Wing Chun Kung Fu. In all of his experiences, Master Noaks has remained a humble student of the art and life and finds great joy in his true identity as a teacher, sharing Kung Fu and guiding others to the path he has chosen. It is his intent that they too understand and enjoy the many enriching experiences he has gained from the treasure that is Shaolin.



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