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It's hard to believe that it's been over a year since my last update/review of this school and this system, and after looking over my previous updates and reviews I realize that I cannot say enough about this school or about this system. Since my last update, I have had many new experiences and opportunities, and I have learned so much. I have truly grown as an assistant instructor, and am continuing along the path of sharing my knowledge with the next generation of martial artists. I have traveled to Foshan, China and Hong Kong, where I competed and had the opportunity to meet Ip Ching and Ip Chun, Ip Man's two sons. I have attended many more seminars and workshops, and have grown not only as a martial artist, but also as a human being. I have a deeper understanding of the history, culture and etiquette. I have met amazing martial artists (and kung fu family) form around the world, including Kuwait, Taiwan, France, Canada, and more! I can say with all honesty, that I have dedicated my life to this art, to this system, and to my kung fu family, and that no amount of stars could ever express that feeling.
You can't put a price on this. This is life at a whole new level.

A huge thanks to:
My Sifu, Master Chango Noaks Sr. for his knowledge, wisdom, and guidance.
My Sigung, Grandmaster Benny Meng, for his life's work of collecting and preserving the art and system at the Ving Tsun Museum, and passing that knowledge down to us.
My Kung Fu Family, without whom I could never become the best 'me' that I can be. From around the world, you guys are amazing, and I'm blessed to have you as my family. - Ian Niswonger, November 2017


They are doing a great job with my daughter and she loves it. - Stephen Scott Mitchell, August 2017


One of my favorite places to be. Great instructors and programs. - Emily Palmer, August 2017


It was a very humbling experience. Thank you so much! - Kasey Van Ormer, August 2017


Being a student in this class, I've found the class to be very open to both new attendees and older attendees. The instructors are very patient people and are great role models. Meng's Martial Arts of Richmond is definitely a great place to have attendees in the class. - Brodie Ogden, August 2017


Master Noaks is an excellent instructor and his students benefit from his Martial Arts experiences and travels to the Shaolin Temple. - John Lambert, August 2017


Definitely deserves 5 stars. I can not articulate what a wonderful staff they have here. My 2 boys are loving class and I can't imagine them working with a better group of people.The instructors are full of positive energy that will keep you motivated and keep you coming back for more. My boys have never been interested in any other sports program and was unsure of this class until they experienced their first time. Matter of fact, the oldest went in crying because he didn't want to participate and after only 3 classes his pride overflows. But this class is amazing. The staff is the Best of the Best and are very friendly and knowledgeable. The classes are fantastic and the times are convenient. I just can't say enough great things about this school. I see a big improvement in my children since they have joined. You guy's are amazing. - Amanda Collins Cruz, March 2017


I think the best part of Meng’s Martial Arts is the family aspect. It’s nice to have a personal relationship with my fellow martial artists, and for them to always help me do my best. At the same time, it’s nice that when I miss practice because of homework or sickness, it isn’t seen as a personal betrayal by my fellow martial artists. They understand that sometimes life gets in the way of practice. At the same time, their understanding makes me realize even more that I need to devote more of myself to martial arts. Meng’s makes me want to do my best, but doesn’t do it in a drill sergeant sort of way. – Mark Kirsch, February 2017


Before I joined Meng’s I wasn’t doing much with my life and going out every once in awhile, Then we decided to put my son in kung-fu then after awhile my brother joined Meng’s and one Saturday morning I was asked to join and gave it a try. I’ve quit smoking because of Meng’s, got tired of coughing everytime I did anything there. And another reason why I joined is because I got tired of getting hit and not defending myself. Now that I’ve joined my experience and my training have improved over the years that I’ve been going, and I have made new friends and a new family. I love doing kung-fu and helping my kung-fu brothers and sisters to not only develop their kung-fu skills but also develop my kung-fu skills too. i’ve also been taught discipline, self-control, self-defense, and Self-Confidence and much more. When I look at my lower rank kung-fu brothers and sisters I see how far I’ve came to be where I am now. I’m so glad that I’ve joined. Sincerely, Chris Royer – Chris Royer, February 2017


This place is amazing.I enrolled my soon to be teen age son in the martial arts to help control his attitude and get out more but my daughter followed suit and also enrolled. Best decision EVER hands down! The people there truly care about everyone. My kids love it! As for my son he has slowly became a different kid. His attitude changed for the better less arguing with him and he is always ready to go to martial arts and he takes advantage of almost every class he can attend. The both have gained confidence, patience, respect and most of all a new family. I would recommend this to anyone of any age ! Thank you Mengs for being in Richmond and teaching the ancient arts that you do! – Vanessa Davis, February 2017


Philosophy and exercise – a perfect place to blend the training of the body, mind, and spirit. Here, one belongs to a family where everybody is trying to better themselves from the youngest children to the oldest adults.  

It’s so amazing that people from all over the world, from so many disparate walks of life, of such varying backgrounds could all seek common ground and focus on self improvement through the martial arts system that is Shaolin wing Chun.  For Shaolin wing Chun is not just a martial art focusing on combat but rather it is a path towards wisdom and happiness.  Whenever I train, it’s an experience in peace, solidarity, and humanity.  When you walk through the door, anything is possible. – Jeevan Sekhar, February 2017


I started Meng’s after military service and volunteer police service. I also had done some tough man contests. I really enjoyed the training here at the Richmond branch. It was very thorough in that we learned all phases of hand to hand combat (wrestling, close combat, and long range). Another great thing was the training style here did a good job of teaching how to get through defenses (and defend) without actually getting intentionally hit in the face. The part I enjoyed best however was, the way moves were taught and described. In most classes there is a move and a countermove; this could lead to having to learn thousands of moves. I just don’t think that fast under stress. Meng’s teaches rules of structure, energy, and application. While this can be infinitely longer in theory, in application it is much simpler and faster to learn. I was very quickly able to apply my new knowledge to things I had learned previously and use them to my advantage against longtime friends and sparring partners. Many asked what new techniques I had learned and where. I could honestly tell them “I had just learned how to better apply what I had already known.” I kept learning and advancing in rank and planned to go to black sash.

Life sometimes gives you different plans than you wanted. For me this happened in 2013. I had major surgery that resulted limitations and complications that pulled me out for two years. Upon returning, I had restrictions that did not allow combative sparring or physical exertion. Master Noaks suggested I start Thai Chi. I had thought about this before as Master Noaks had suggested it would supplement my training, I just didn’t have any desire to move so slowly. I had no other options so I decided to go for it. I cannot say that it is the same. And while there is no direct confrontation in Thai Chi, there is definite combat forms and knowledge contained within. I have enjoyed it more than I expected. I would not say that either would replace the other, but they do definitely complement each other and both should be tried.

Meng’s is definitely a school that is able to serve the educational and physical needs of anyone who wants to learn about themselves and the world which they live within. (And kick butt if need be while here). If physical and mental health is your goal and you are considering Martial arts as a pathway, Meng’s should be at the top of your list for consideration. Sincerely: Benjamin Lukacek. – Benjamin Lukacek, January 2017


“Harmony of Mind, Body, and Spirit;” it is more than just a slogan up up on the wall. Martial arts is a good workout, but the real payoff is much greater. During my years at Meng’s Martial Arts of Richmond, I have learned ways to build my character as well as my muscles, which I find much more rewarding. Above all I cherish the people I have gotten the opportunity and honor to train with. With the help of my kung fu family, I have grown physically fit, learned to confront fears and anxieties, and have gained a better understanding of myself and those around me. This is “Harmony of Mind, Body, and Spirit.” – Austin Ross, January 2017


“Its difficult to imagine that you can obtain personal peace through the study of combat and self Defense, but I have. At least, more than i have ever known. It is an Art of learning to conquer oneself . Daily! It has been an amazing experience joining Mengs Martial Arts of Richmond. The generosity of everyone i have encountered has been incredible. Shaolin Wing Chun for life. 2016” – Ms. Wehrley, December 2016


The last eleven months have been quite an adventure. I attended seminars and workshops, traveled for competitions, advanced in rank, became an assistant instructor and joined the Black Sash program, gained new family members, a deeper understanding of self, and a new, more positive outlook on life. I am no longer the same person that I was eleven months ago. I am much, much better – and it is thanks to my family at Meng’s of Richmond, and all my Kung Fu Brother’s and Sisters. The journey has not been easy, but it has been amazing. There have even been times where my mind has been blown for days. The culture and history behind Meng’s is deep and enriching, it is my honest opinion that you would be hard pressed to find another school that gives you not only the what, but the how, the why, the where this and that came from, the when, and all of that in a language that you personally can understand. They cater to each students individual needs, to ensure that that they are learning at their pace, not a pace that is set down as stone in a book or manual. The amazing thing about that is that it not only caters to your learning style, but also your age. Some of our students are young children, some are teenagers, some like myself, are young adults, and some are later on in their years, but felt the need and drive to find something to enrich their lives, and they found it, right here at Meng’s of Richmond. So my conclusion after eleven months? The same as it was eleven months ago! Whether you are two years old, or eighty, you should come on in, take your two week trial, and see what you are missing! This is NOT just punching and kicking, this is a life changing experience that you WILL NOT get anywhere else! Over 9,000 stars (for a total of over 18,000 stars)! I personally cannot wait to see what is in store for Meng’s, and myself, over the next year! – Ian Niswonger, February 2016


Meng’s is a place where you can get fit. For most people that is enough to bring you in, but once you really come in you find that it’s so much more then just another gym or martial arts place. Its a home, you learn lessons for life more then on how to “beat people up”. You learn how to become a better person while learning to defend yourself in case of an attack. Some of my closest friends I have ever had the pleasure of meeting I got from walking into Meng’s. – Jordan Ford, September 2015


Mengs Martial arts of Richmond led my Master Noaks is a treasure among martial arts schools. The instructors and staff are very welcoming and of the highest caliber of people as well as martial artists. If your looking to improve any aspect of your life and make great friends at the same time this school is for you. They have my highest recommendation. - Damian Raad, May 2015


Master Noakes' leadership, in the martial arts, is of the highest caliber. I can promise you that you will learn how to do things that you might have never been able to do before. You'll learn and grow in a gradual manner, comfortable yet challenging as needed. While building on your successes, you will become mentally sharper and more focused. It truly is a combination of meditation and exercise." Truth be told, Master Noakes has served the community and inspired many around the world with his wisdom and compassion. He also teaches the positive energy culture found in traditional Chinese Martial arts, which is a treasure to embrace. I am proud to recommend this great man and his teachings. Kung Fu Life and God Bless. - Ian Fusco, May 2015


Master Noaks has traveled the world to bring a martial arts experience unlike any other. He and his staff teach more than just kicks and punches. They teach life skills that change lives. If you are looking for a school that will help you grow into a better person this is definitely the place. - Michael Corkhill, May 2015


If you are seeking a positive environment for your family to gain life skills as well as self-defense, self-confidence and self-improvement give this establishment a try. Master Noaks and his staff are very friendly and have many years of experience. - Terena Fugate, May 2015


Great place to learn Martial Arts! Master Chango Noaks has traveled the world gaining his knowledge of Martial Arts. Children's classes are a lot of fun for the kids. - Scott Stapleton, May 2015


Meng’s Martial Arts of Richmond Indiana is one of the single greatest things I have personally ever done for myself. When I walked in the door for the first time, I was welcomed warmly, and treated with respect. I had not even finished my two week free trial, when I was asking to sign up as part of the General Orientation Program. After just a couple months, I had already achieved a higher understanding of myself that I never knew was there, and in those first few short months, I learned I had a second family. Through Meng’s of Richmond, I was able to compete in The Battle of Columbus World Martial Arts Games, and came out with a Silver medal, as a white belt in a full contact event (San Shou). I would never have been able to do that without their guidance and teachings. Since my early days, I have joined the Leadership Program, gained new brothers and sisters, and further rooted myself in the learning of Kung Fu. I have met many amazing people, learned many amazing things, and things that are so simple, that they are in themselves amazing. My Sifu, Master Noaks, is like a father to me, and guides me to become a better person every time we speak. The instructors are kind, and easy to get along with, and my Kung Fu Brothers and Sisters are my best of friends. Every class I seem to learn something new, whether that be physical, mental or spiritual. The bottom line is, Meng’s of Richmond is the place to be if you want to learn Martial Arts, if you want to learn about who you really are, and if you want to learn how to better yourself everyday. I could write forever about how amazing they are, but even I couldn’t do them justice. So if you are reading this, just stop, take the plunge, walk in, and start learning. You will wonder why you didn’t do it yesterday or before. Over 9000 stars. – Ian Niswonger, March 2015


This place changed my life! My home away from home. I can’t imagine my life without Shaolin Kung Fu… From the moment I walked through the door the first time, I new I found my path!

Undate: One year later,….. I have changed so much. There are just really no words to describe what Mengs has done for me on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. This is my home, my family. Still changing lives! – April Foust Tolle, February 2015


This place has been incredible for my daughter. She has learned confidence, focus, and how to embarrass her father by knocking him down

Update (around 1 yr since my daughter joined): My daughter is doing great. I love how they not only teach the importance of focus, self control, and leadership, but also teach *how*. I can’t believe the difference Meng’s has made in her life! She does better in school, sports, and at home. Her teachers continually challenge her to be a better person. It has made a very positive impact in her life. Thanks! – Jeff Ober, December, 2014


Great place to learn Martial Arts! Master Noaks has amazing martial arts skills and knowledge of Shaolin Kung Fu. – Scott Stapleton, September, 2014



We have a very unique method that gives permanent and effective results in creating more focused, disciplined and balanced individuals. We want everyone to experience the difference in our training versus that of any other school, which is why we offer a two week free trial for you to experience the difference!!!

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