General Orientation Program


The orientation program is designed for ages 13 and older.  In this program you learn the fundamentals of martial arts. We teach all ranges of combat from long range to close-quarters, employing all the techniques of ti (kicking), da (striking), shuai (trapping), and na (grappling). In learning Shaolin wing chun, you will gain an understanding of the original MMA.

All of the classes are lead by experienced qualified instructors.  Usually there are two instructors on the floor directing each class so that every student can get the individual attention deserved.

The experience in the orientation program allows a person to gain the conceptual knowledge and technical skill set to realize that there is no style.  Individuals will be able to go to any other martial arts school and enjoy what that school has to offer regardless of  specialization or traditions.  After 3 months at Meng’s of Richmond, one of our students could enter a karate school, jujitsu school or tae kwon do school and feel quite comfortable understanding what is taught, how it is effective and understand the context for it.  Our goal is not only to teach but also to expand understanding of martial arts. Realizing that even style is a limitation sets the stage for understanding the limitless potential of everything, including ourselves.


In the orientation program, we not only teach the technical aspects  of kicks, strikes, traps, and grabs, but we also begin to introduce some of the underlying concepts that allow for these techniques to work as they do. You will learn not only self-cultivation but also how to properly hit a bag!  You will leave class with an excellent mental and physical workout!

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We have a very unique method that gives permanent and effective results in creating more focused, disciplined and balanced individuals. We want everyone to experience the difference in our training versus that of any other school, which is why we offer a two week free trial for you to experience the difference!!!

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