Leadership Program

Leadership is a program by invitation only.  We have leadership programs for both children and adults. Those who show a uniquely strong work ethic and aptitude for the conceptual framework underlying Shaolin wing chun are potentially invited to learn the leadership curriculum where a knowledge base is taught to the student that is not available to those in the general program. As a result, we have extra classes specifically for these students, including personal training with Master Noaks himself.

Dedicated students in the leadership program have the opportunity to enroll in our Blacksash and Instructor Certification programs where one becomes an assistant instructor striving to become certified as a Sifu through the Ving Tsun Museum.  Here you enter the inner fold of Shaolin Wing Chun and are a direct personal student of Master Noaks.

Features and Benefits of the  Leadership Program

  • No tuition increase for the duration of the program
  • Direct teaching from Master Noaks
  • Invitation to special classes and workshops
  • Ability to train and learn material above current rank
  • Learn the deeper aspects of current curriculum
  • Up to 10% off of all reatil purchases in your local Kwoon (school)
  • No testing fees for all color belts not including Black Sash
  • 3 free classes at any branch location
  • All special programs (Weapons/Wushu/Tai Chi)
  • The opportunity to wear the leadership uniform


  • Students must be recommended by two Assistant instructors and must be approved by Master Noaks to recieve an invitation to this program.


We have a very unique method that gives permanent and effective results in creating more focused, disciplined and balanced individuals. We want everyone to experience the difference in our training versus that of any other school, which is why we offer a two week free trial for you to experience the difference!!!

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