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Sifu Randy Schultz (Lohan Disciple)

Sifu Randy Schultz (Lohan Disciple) photo Sifu Randy Schultz (Lohan Disciple)
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Mr. Schultz was involved within the computer industry for more than 30 years. Starting as a  programmer/analyst, Mr. Schultz has held positions such as Senior Systems Administrator, faculty advisor for computer science applied groups, and Network Services Architect of a company of more than 10,000 employees.

Sifu Schultz became interested in martial arts at a young age when he learned of the existence of the Shaolin philosophy through the television show, “Kung Fu”. He became fascinated by these teachings, including the concepts of inner peace and harmonizing with the world around us. In his college years, Mr. Schultz began researching and trying different types of martial arts including tae kwon do, kempo, ju jitsu, aikido and karate. It was not until 2007 when he met Master Noaks and joined Meng’s of Richmond that he truly found the philosophy he was seeking.

Sifu Schultz has successfully competed in local and regional competitions, winning several first and second place medals.  In May of 2013, after 5 grueling matches, Mr. Schultz brought home a gold medal in toi shou from the Battle of Columbus.  In 2014 Mr. Schultz not only successfully defended his gold but also brought home an additional first place for most points scored across all weight divisions.

In June of 2015 Mr. Schultz attained the rank of 1st degree blacksash. Then in July of the same year Mr. Schultz was certified as an instructor in the Shaolin Wing Chun 7 Skills Universe and granted Lohan status in the Shaolin Hung Lung Sin Fu Faat Mun Pai (Empty Dragon Compassionate Tiger System) by the Ving Tsun Museum and the Ving Tsun Athletic Association of Hong Kong.

In December of 2016, at the 30th anniversary of the Meng’s Martial Arts organization, Sifu Schultz received the Meng’s of Richmond Most Dedicated Instructor award, by unanimous vote of his peers.  In June of the following year Mr. Schultz received special recognition by Grandmaster Meng for outstanding leadership and commitment.

In March of 2017, after a year of intense training under Grandmaster Benny Meng and Master Chango Noaks Sr., Sifu Schultz became certified in the Baat Jaam Dao.  The training was both broad and deep, spanning the theory and practice of all 8 sections, with stand-alone training and combat.   The combat training was against long pole, staff, sword, knife and unarmed.  A second certification was received in 2017 when in December Mr. Schultz became certified in the siu nim tau.  As with the Baat Jaam Dao, the training was broad and deep, spanning all aspects of the siu nim tau, from internal to practical applications for combat.

In June of 2017 Mr. Schultz left the computer industry to dedicate his time and energy to the study and sharing of Shaolin wing chun kung fu.  Sifu Schultz recognizes that Shaolin kung fu is not a form of martial arts. Instead it is a lifestyle that assists with physical, emotional and mental growth. Currently a certified instructor at Meng’s of Richmond under the guiding hand of his sifu, Master Chango Noaks Sr., Mr. Schultz enjoys helping others along their path.

Sifu Randy Schultz currently owns and operates Meng's Martial Arts of Greenwood.



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